Monday, October 6, 2008

Wanderings in Watertown

This is my new apartment in Watertown, Wisconsin! It's hard to read in the picture, but it's Apartment 3E. The apartment complex is really cute, and the apartment itself is very nice. When you enter this door you immediately go upstairs as the apartment is on the second floor. Below is a picture of our balcony which is just off the living room.

After I went job hunting today, I had some time on my hands and it was a beautiful day so I went for a little wandering. There is a park just down the street from where I live and it had beautiful trees and tons of green, which is what can be found all over Wisconsin. Here's a selection of my wanderings. Lindsey: Bernheim rhymes with Joe Creason...I actually remembered my camera this time!

These pictures remind me of the secret garden! It was so tranquil through here. Then I found this cute little bench. It looks so perfect there!

These trees were near the end of the walk and I thought that they were pretty neat. I liked how the light was filtering down through the leaves, but it was kind of hard to capture with my camera.

Meeting the locals!


Martha said...

Ellen, I miss you already! These pictures are beautiful, it looks like you have found a peaceful place to call home! Best of luck. Keep in touch!

The Rollins Family said...

Ellen! What a lovely apartment! I laughed at your "locals" photo because it reminded me of our last one; ducks everywhere!

Congrats on your move and excitement of a new life there!

Bill and Freddie Ann said...

It looks like a very beautiful place...but we are sure going to miss you around here! I guess I can't blame you for wanting to stretch your wings a little, especially with the "locals" you found up there! LOL! I wish you only the best and hope you enjoy life there in that part of the country! Be sure and tell Mary hello!