Monday, October 27, 2008


This was the first weekend that Mary and Adam have been home for the weekend since I've moved here. The temperature is dropping and there is threat of snow in the air, but the trees still look as beautiful as fall. Which made this the perfect weekend to celebrate fall. Saturday, the missionaries came over for dinner. Mary and I got a little ambitious and decided to make an apple pie with some older apples we had left. Of course, we didn't realize, but the particular apples we had really weren't made for baking. The apple turned out little juicy, but it still tasted fabulous.

Then Sunday, we carved pumpkins! (which happens to be a favorite activity!) I carved a cute little bat, Adam carved a pirate's ship, and Mary carved an awesome Trick-or-Treat sign.


Lindsey Miser said...

Your pumpkins are way cute!! I still need an update on the singles ward :)

Bill and Freddie Ann said...

How fun! Allison and I did our pumpkins last night and we had fun with them! Isn't Halloween so much fun?

Martha said...

Fall is such a fun time of year isn't it! I'll have to upload pics of all of our pumkins too. And the boys in their halloween costumes that I made. I'm glad you are having fun, but I do miss you!