Thursday, October 23, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance!

Ok, so my FAVORITE television show is So You Think You Can Dance. Unfortunately, the show is only on during the summer, but fortunately, the top 12 go on tour. Even more fortunately, my sister is as crazed as I am about the show and even MORE fortunately the tour came through Milwaukee! So, long story short, my sister and I are the luckiest girls on the face of the planet, because 2 weeks before the show we found tickets only 8 rows from the stage! Ahhhh!!!!
The show was really amazing, they danced almost ALL of my favorites, Katee was injured so we only got to see her dance one (the Tabitha and Napoleon number to "No Air." But the best part was just being able to see all these dancers that I feel I got to know a little, up close and in person. Even after performing all summer and into the fall on the show and as part of the tour, you could still see their passion for dance in their expressions and movements. They still experienced such joy in each number. It was truly inspiring.

These are the Top 5 guys, Twitch, Mark, Will,
Joshua, and Gev.

Katee, Twitch, Chelsie and Jessica.

Joshua and TWITCH!!!

The group number to Mia Michaels choreography. This was my absolute FAVORITE of the night!

Katee and Joshua danced to "No Air."

Twitch and Comfort!

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